"What we do in this life, echoes in eternity."
Maximus, Gladiator
"Our creator would never have made such lovely days, and given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal."
Nathaniel Hawthorne


The Reel Wish
Contemporary middle grade.
Florencia is the youngest Clara to ever perform in the regional ballet. But on opening night, she has an anxiety attack that robs her of her dreams. When she needs a friend the most, her sis from another miss, Selena, turns her back on her. Friendless, broken, and depressed, Florencia stumbles upon a competition for a dance form she's never seen before: Irish dancing. Florencia tries a free class and finds out she's so good at it, she might soon have a chance to qualify for the World Championship. A world cup for dancing! But Selena won't stop reminding Florencia of the tragic Nutcracker night, and soon her words poison Florencia's newborn dreams. Yes, she can train her body to learn the steps. But what if she's not strong enough to vanquish the monster inside her-- the anxiety that ruins every aspect of her life, and especially dancing and performing?

On These Magic Shores
Winner of Lee and Low's New Visions Award Honor. Contemporary middle grade with a touch of magical realism. 
Minerva, the oldest of three sisters, can't wait to grow up. She has a plan for her life: she will be the first Latina president of the United States. But the night she's supposed to audition for the school play, her mom doesn't come home from work, ruining the first step in Minerva's master plan to the White House. Her mom doesn't come back the next day either. With food running out, rent due, and the school complaining that she's missing too many days, Minerva must decide to keep her mom's disappearance secret or ask for help. But what if her mom never returns and she and her sisters are separated forever? The girls have no other family nearby. Help from the fairies their mom always talks about sure would help in a time like this. And their help comes, teaching Minerva that being a kid is magical in its own way. 

A Fate More Terrible Than Dying
Speculative Young Adult set in an alternate Puerto Rico. A Caribbean Joan D'Arc. 
Dorani Ramisson has been raised in a life of prayer and contemplation with the other girls who live in Isla Nena, where they've been sent to pay for their family's crimes and debts. She doesn't believe in prayer or heavenly messages. But when a dark-skinned heavenly Lady appears to her and asks her to deliver her people from the corrupt government, she obeys, in spite of her doubts and the fact that her father is the governor of the Islands. 

The 17 Rules of the Beautiful Game 
Contemporary Middle Grade.
Valeria is the rock star of an all-boys soccer team in an all-boys league. Although her grandfather is the coach of her team, she doesn't get preferred treatment. The goals speak for themselves. She's earned her status as MVP, which makes a lot of people angry, especially her teammates' parents. When the league bans Valeria from playing in the league again,  she signs up with a girls team if only to qualify for a coveted spot in the Olympic Developmental Program. What she hasn't planned was on finding that girls are way stronger, more loyal, more supportive, and funner that she'd ever dreamed. But playing in an all-girls league and getting that spot in the ODP will require more than talent. 

Southern Cross
Contemporary Young Adult
Argentina is famous for many things, but mainly for exporting soccer players, the best in the world. Male soccer players. Camila Hassan has the chance to make the National Youth Team and go to the Wolrd Cup against her parents' wishes and under her soccer star brother's shadow. She can fight against all sorts of opposition to achieve her dream. What she wasn't counting on is the sudden interest in her by childhood friend and crush-of-her-life Diego Ferrari, the new golden boy in the European league. When faced with the choice, will she leave her dreams aside, or will she risk losing the love of her life?