"What we do in this life, echoes in eternity."
Maximus, Gladiator
"Our creator would never have made such lovely days, and given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal."
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Monday, November 09, 2015

Wayfarer, there's no road

During our VCFA residency in Bath Spa, my wonderful class received wonderful advise from David Almond (THE David Almond!) to read poems aloud, at least one every day. So my group created a Facebook where we post a poem a day.

Today was the first time I posted, and I chose Antonio Machado's Wayfarer, There's No Path. It has always resonated with me, even when I first heard it at school when I was a little kid.

Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar...


Wayfarer, there is no path, by Antonio Machado
Wayfarer, the only way
Is your footprints and no other.
Wayfarer, there is no way.
Make your way by going farther.
By going farther, make your way
Till looking back at where you've wandered,
You look back on that path you may
Not set foot on from now onward.
Wayfarer, there is no way;
Only wake-trails on the waters.
Wanderer, your footsteps are
the road and nothing more;
wanderer, there is no road,
the road is made by walking.
Walking makes the road,
and turning to look behind
you see the path that you
will never tread again.
Wanderer, there is no road,
only foam trails on the sea.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Walter Dean Meyers Grant from We Need Diverse Books

Today I was supposed to write 3,500 words. I'm at the end of a very emotional middle grade that has consumed my life for the past months. I'm so grateful to work with my wonderful VCFA mentor, whose encouragement and guidance has meant the world for me to keep going. Today, I only wrote 500 words, but I have a good reason. The scene I had planned on writing was very emotional (did I already say that?), and as I usually do when I have to dig deeply into my heart, I went online to procrastinate. Just then, I received an email from the We Need Diverse Books team, announcing that I had been selected as one of the five recipients of the inaugural Walter Dean Meyers Grant. I couldn't go back to the emotional scene after that :-)

This was my reaction:

Here's the official We Need Diverse Books announcement, and the Publishers' Weekly press release.

After the adrenaline, I'll go back to the keyboard and the word count, so this book can come alive!

Thank you to all my mentors, teachers, friends, and family because without their support, I would have never been able to keep going when the writing gets tough!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I sent packet 2 and then went to Istanbul

Hello! I know this blog has sadly been quiet for months and months, but sometimes, if I blog, I don't get my daily words, and I've been working on a fantastic new manuscript with my advisor this semester. But guess what? I'm in Istanbul! And I can't flood my social media timelines with pictures and musings of the day, so I turned to the good old blog to record my thoughts.

I was hesitant to come to Istanbul because of the unrest in the neighboring countries. Istanbul hasn't been affected, but everyone I talked with about the situation said how deeply worried they are about the refugees. Things that have struck me the most about the Turkish people have been:

  • The respect for other cultures and religions. Religions co-exist in harmony and respect. How far is our country from this! We still have so much to learn!
    The Blue Mosque
    Inside the Blue Mosque. I look like a local :-)

    Posing with a soldier at the Palace

    Jeff at the market's entrance

  • People are so, so well educated. They're courteous and attentive. They're so smart! Like in pretty much all of Europe, they speak more than two, three, and even four languages. I made sure I know how to say at least "Thank you" in Turkish instead of expecting everyone to speak English. I'm in their country, for the love! But to my utter surprise and delight, a lot of people speak Spanish. 
  • The know how to cheer for their soccer team. We went to the Champions League opener game between Galatasaray and Atletico Madrid, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. 
Cheering for each player
  • They're serving sizes are appropriate. The soda I got at the stadium equaled the child's size in the US. 
  • the respect for animals. There are cats roaming all over town, and they seem well taken care of and fed. Our tour guide told me today that the government controls the animal population, by placing micro-chip in their ears and making sure they're healthy. Yesterday, this beautiful mama cat sat by me in my first outing into Istanbul, by the Bosphorus. 

Mama Cat 
  • There are so many libraries and bookshops. I have zero knowledge of Turkish music, literature, or art. I'm determined to learn more. 

Today we had a private guide to the old city, and he took us to a carpet weaving store. Of course, immediately after we entered the store, we had about five people wanting to sell us a carpet. They're gorgeous, those carpets. But we hadn't planned on buying any, so we didn't. But the store people sure tried. The "boss" came and talked to us and was actually super nice. His name was Gengis and his ringtone was from "The Godfather." I loved it! You can't make stuff like this up. Real life is crazy, and beautiful, and weird!
I'm ready to explore more of this wonderful city. Now I'm going to snuggle with my kindle and The Historian, which I read a long time ago, but I'm in the mood for some vampire stories. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIFYR and in between packet lull (???)

Hi! I can't believe I made it to the end of semester 1 in one piece.

 I crawled to the end of the school year. My poor children. On the very last day Joaquin said he had no clean uniform, so he was just going to wear street clothes because what is the worst that could happen? So he wore street clothes, and nothing happened, and then I spend the next four days doing laundry (the last time I did laundry, by the way, so I guess I'll spend the next four days doing laundry again). But I finished and I'm so happy with my progress. Not only did I submit my packet, my end of semester materials, but also my short stories and poems that I wrote for Imagine Learning, and revisions for my agent. I'm still letting the revisions simmer before I turn them in to her to make sure they make sense and it's not all just a figment of my imagination :-)

This week I'm attending WIFYR (Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers) which is one of my two favorite writers' conferences ever. It's the first one I ever attended, seven years ago when I started getting serious about being a writer, when I had a couple of manuscripts and wanted to learn what to do to make them readable and publishable. Those two will never see the light of day, but how grateful I am that I wrote them. That conference I met Martine Leavitt for the first time and my life changed forever. Dandi Daley Mackall was the keynote speaker, and I remember her telling a story about a person who goes to Heaven in her dream and visits the Library. The walls of the enormous building covered with books, and yet, so many people wrote and wrote. An angel told her they wrote spiritually the books that were needed on Earth, and that they were just waiting for writers to sit down, get the inspiration sent from Heaven, and put into paper the books the world was waiting for so desperately. I've always loved that image of my stories just waiting for me to listen so they can be born.
Yesterday at WIFYR, Julie Berry (THE Julie Berry) spoke about the four pillars of her writing journey: commitment, believing, love, and listening.
She said it's the writers' duty to sit down and listen, and put the gift of inspiration down on paper. Later ugly first drafts will get cleaned up and polished on revision, but if stop listening, noticing, and writing, there will be nothing to clean up, no creation.
 Yesterday Argentina played in Copa America against our rivals and brothers the Uruguay team. What a difficult game! So ugly and thick! So dense and violent. But there were the usual bursts of brilliance by my favorite guy, Leo Messi. We ended up winning, and later my husband posted this Messi quote on Facebook;

I don't intend to be an overnight success, although this semester I had a wonderful shower of good news (writing on commission, the New Visions Honor, my brand new agent), surviving semester 1 at VCFA. It was just a coincidence that my plants all sprouted at the same time, after years of work and commitment, believing, loving, and listening. But I still have so much to grow as a writer. My plants still need watering and nurturing and work.

So my kids are still sleeping and I woke up earlier than I have in a long time to have some quiet  writing time, and I feel better than ever. Especially because there will be more amazing classes in the afternoon. If you're attending WIFYR, come say hello! I love meeting new friends.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I love them!
This weekend I'm heading off to my fifth Storymakers conference. I look forward to this conference every year because of the quality of the presentations and classes. Every year since my first one, I've pitched an agent, and this year I'm so happy I won't be pitching because I have an agent! I'm still so thrilled about signing with Linda and the Prospect Agency, that sometimes I look at my kids and exclaim, "I have an agent!!!"

Although I have an agent and my manuscript won the New Visions Honor, and I'm doing the MFA through the Vermont College of Fine Arts, I'm passionate about learning my craft and becoming better and better every day. This conference is chock full of wonderful classes for writers in every stage of the journey: newbie to experienced. I'm almost done packing for the conference. See my pretty business cards?

This year is extra especial for me because my son, my Gorgeous Boy, is coming along. I'm so looking forward to spending time with him and so many wonderful friends! Martine Leavitt is presenting a class and although I'll be in a workshop with her this summer, I can't waste this chance to learn from her!

If you'll be at Storymakers, say hi. I love meeting new friends, and although I'm an introvert, I love talking about books, soccer, and dance. I hope to see you there!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Mother's Day Week deluge of happy news

I'll be studying here this summer!
I've heard people say that overnight success takes years in the making. These past few weeks I had an a torrent of good news that left me reeling for breath. How I love that word, reeling! Since I started writing seriously, I had the goal of finding a literary agent that would love my work so much, they'd be passionate to share it with the world. I queried two books. The first one I queried a few years ago wasn't ready to go into the world. I had a great reception for the query and the first chapter (I even won the First Chapter Contest at Storymakers!), but ultimately, I didn't find representation. I kept writing, and learning, and attending conferences, and getting up at 4 in the morning to get some quiet writing time, and submitting, and critiquing, and receiving critiques, and  writing some more. Writing and reading every day, all the time. Last year I started querying THE REEL WISH, my Latina Irish dancer novel. I had a great request rate too. I had dozens of full manuscripts being considered by agents. A wonderful agent even called me and suggested that
I earn the silver medal for the Honor! Isn't it
a gorgeous design?
I revise and resubmit. I did. I wrote a different book: ON THESE MAGIC SHORES. I submitted that book to Lee and Low's New Vision Award. I started my MFA program at VCFA. I found out I was a finalist for the New Visions. I received two offers of representation in the same week! And then another one. I sent a crazy query to a new agent that felt like a perfect match. Twenty-four hours later she offered representation. I found out I won the New Vision Award Honor. I found out I was accepted to the summer residency in Bath Spa. I could finally announce that I'm now represented by Linda Camacho from the Prospect Agency!
Again, I'm reeling with happiness and gratitude! And then on Tuesday, Barcelona won 3-0 against Bayern Munich, and Messi did this!

Isn't it a work of art? And then I found some audio from Polanco, one of my favorite ESPN commentators. Even if you don't understand the language, the emotion with which he talks about this goal reflects how I feel about signing with an agent, winning the Honor, and making it into Bath Spa!

My dear friends, my cup runneth over. I'm so humbled by all the words of support during these years trying to achieve these goals! I expect many trials ahead. My road in this writing career is just starting! I'm so excited to keep working and writing books and sharing my stories with the world. I only have a tiny Mother's Day wish: to be able to call my mom and tell her my wonderful news. I can't do that anymore. I just hope that she's smiling in Heaven, celebrating these goals that are also hers. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women who make this world a wonderful place and who made these dreams of mine come true!

Friday, May 01, 2015

How Writing Is Like Riding A Bike--Kinda

Today I rode my brand new bike to Baby Hulk's preschool. Since I started school I haven't been exercising much. Every once in a while I'd pop an exercise video, like Insanity or P90X or run/walk to the school. But the videos became boring. Baby Hulk insisted on getting out of the stroller to pick every. Single. Dandelion along the way. A 20 minute walk became a two hour event, especially because the most awesome park in our town is right on the way home from from the preschool. When the weather turned nice, I wanted to ride my bike. Put Hulk in one of those cute baby seats I'd seen in Argentina growing up, or more recently, in Amsterdam, where everyone rides their bike. But the seat I got didn't fit my bike, so I convinced Jeff that if he got me an awesome bucket bike, or Madsen bike, I'd ride it every day (it was his fault for telling me to follow them on Instagram).
He's like, "Thank you, angels!!! We made it alive!"

He did get it for me as an early mother's day, and I was thrilled, because--hello!--isn't it gorgeous? On my trial ride I did okay. When my Princess Peach wanted to hop on (there is room for 4! people), I just couldn't take the curve, and fell. From then on, we all decided I'd only take Baby Hulk until I became more comfortable with the bike. After much hesitation, Baby Hulk agreed to get back on the bike (Do Not Fall, MOM!), and today is Friday, so here are some of my thoughts as I climbed the hillS up to my house.

  1. The hardest thing is to start. I know I'll have to face The Climb at the end, and I dread it so very much.
  2. BUT: Riding a bike is one of my favorite things ever. When I first jump on it and we ride down the hill? WEEEEEEEEeeeeeee! What a thrill! It feels so wonderful! The wind on my face. My legs hardly pumping because we're going downhill. Before I know it, we're there at the preschool, and we have to wait a few minutes before going in because we're so early.
  3. An easy downhill hill gives you a push for when you have to start climbing. Sometimes I have wonderful writing days, and I take advantage of them and write all the words because I know I'll reach a point where I'll need the extra cushioning of being ahead in the game. 
  4. Even when it's hard, do not stop! You'll fall. It's okay to go slowly. But don't stop! Unless you get off the bike first. Sometimes it's not the best idea to first draft, write two critical essays, and write a brand new especial free lance project. Sometimes I have to get off the bike of one of my many mom-roles or I'll fall and hurt myself badly. I have fallen, hard, and I don't recommend it.
  5. Learn how to fall to minimize damage. Sometimes a project is non-viable. Put it away. Return to it later or use it as a learning experience. There are no wasted workouts!
  6. Wear a helmet. In writing, more than a helmet you need an armor, especially to protect your heart. I've let myself be excessively aware of my shortcomings as a writer and given more importance to other people's critiques than I should have. It's okay to take criticism. It's vital! Just don't let it hit you so hard that you can't write any more.
  7. Look around you and enjoy the scenery. Writing is how I analyze life, how I cope with things, how I think. But life is beautiful and without life, there wouldn't be anything worth writing about.
  8. Change gears accordingly. It can't be NaNo speed every month of the year. Sometimes I write tons of short stories and poems, other times I write a whole novel in 12 days. Sometimes I don't write at all.
  9. You never forget how to ride a bike. But once you get on a bike after a long time, you might be a little rusty. Be gentle with yourself! Whenever I've taken a break from writing, it takes me a while to get back on a rhythm (I don't take writing breaks often though. Sometimes it's just a day or two, but I don't even stop writing for long periods of time or I'd go even crazier).
  10. Don't pay attention to the cars--or oh my gosh!--the bikes that will pass you as if you're just walking. Don't try to beat anyone else but the rider you were yesterday or the year before.
Riding a bike is different for everyone. My ballerina daughter took off on her bike after her dad removed the training wheels like she'd been riding a two-wheeler forever. She has perfect balance and a core that makes me so, so jealous and proud at the same time! I, on the other hand, never had training wheels. I fell so many times when I was learning that I still have scars on my knees. Granted, I learned how to ride on a bike way to big for me, and I didn't have my own until my husband gave me one for Christmas a few years ago. Sometimes if you don't use the right tools or have a good teacher, learning can be painful. But guess what? I still learned how, and I totally love it. And that feeling when you want to quit, but then you look up and see your house Right. There. And your two little dogs bark in encouragement, and you park the bike, and in wobbly knees you walk in the house to finally start writing? That's the best feeling ever.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

World Book Day

Yesterday was World Book Day. Every day is now World Day This or That, but yesterday, when I saw the post of astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, I had to share my own tribute to my beloved books.

First of all, she's an astronaut, and although it's a cliche, I wanted to be an austronaut until I was about sixteen years old. Second, I love miniature books, and the fact that she chose to bring some along to the ultimate adventure just blew my mind. Third, her words; "They answer questions I  didn't yet have." So, so true!

So here's mine. Two videos of my sweet Teddy Bear, also previously known as Baby Hulk and Miracle Baby, reading Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Panda Bear, Panda Bear. He's not a little baby anymore, but his status of fifth child has granted him eternal babyhood and favoriteness in our family.

Books saved my life. They make me happy. They make me dream. They make me think and feel. Why are books important to you? Which ones are your favorite?

I see an adorable gordito reading to me

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Neil Gaiman on Being a Writer and Fears

Last Saturday, instead of going to the Real Salt Lake game (we have season tickets!), I took my handsome son on a date. Not to a concert, but to see another kind of rockstar. My kind of rockstar: a writer, and none other than Neil Gaiman.

He did NOT want a selfie with me
The drive to Park City is gorgeous, and while my son napped, I listened to the audio book of Good Omens, which Neil Gaiman co-wrote with Terry Pratchett. In one section I was laughing so hard that my son woke up, so he listened to Keane and Coldplay instead. Sometimes when I haven't heard some songs for a while, and I go back to them, I remember how much I love them for the melody, but especially the lyrics. I feel the same way with favorite books. But anyway, the Park City High School  Eccless auditorium was packed. Everyone looked like we were about to see Santa Claus or another mythical creature. In a way, Neil Gaiman is that mythical creature that can create stories for both adults and children with the same magisterial skill. When he walked on-stage, he got a standing ovation. "Sit down," he said. "A standing ovation when I haven't even started is nice, but also very silly. Sit down." Chastised, but smiling like goons, the audience (including myself) sat down, ready to drink in his words. In a way, listening to him was a little like reading his books: like falling into a dream or trance, and once awake, you know you loved every second of it, but once you try to put the feeling into words, the magic is gone and you can just say, "it was wonderful!" You had to be there to understand the energy in the room. The interviewer (I forgot his name) was very skilled, directing the conversation but never taking charge.
Neil on stage

Neil said he never consciously wanted to be a writer. Instead, he had these very vivid daydreams of him going to an alternate world with a copy of The Hobbit, and then finding an adult to type the whole thing. Getting rid of the witness, and then sending the "manuscript" off to a publisher that would help him become the author of The Hobbit. Or, he wanted to kidnap all of his favorite authors through time and space and MAKE them collaborate on the ultimate novel and then publish it as his own. None of the plans actually involved him doing the work of writing the book though :-)

He said that his favorite birthday present was when he turned 9 and his parents gave him the reading shed he'd asked for. Talk about lucky! I've been dreaming about this modern-sheds so I can have my
I want a writer shed!!!! 
own little writing/reading/sleeping space! My husband is kind of worried I want to move out on my own (not forever! Just a few hours in the day and a few nights here and there!). I'll keep asking for it and see if it works like it did with Neil. Neil, we're on a first name basis, he and I :-)

Me, fangirling. Photo cred: my son
He finally said that once when he was in his twenties, he realized that he didn't want to reach the end of his life and realize that he could've been a writer, but that he hadn't given himself the chance. He decided to try, even if he failed. He didn't, at least from an outsider's point of view, but like every writer, he suffered his share of rejection. He just kept going. That was my favorite advice of the night. Keep going and pursue your dreams!

Neil has a new book out, Trigger Warning, a collection of short stories. I can't wait to dive into it, but I'm in the middle of Packet 4 preparation. I can't wait to get the critical essays done to get them off my mind!
My boys
I'm also reading Bone Gap, by Laura Ruby. My friend R. recommended it to me, and she read me a passage from it that kept me thinking and thinking about it. Well, I started it last night at 1030. You know how that ended. Needless to say, I'll need major divine intervention to get through today (carpool at 9 pm. Ouch!). At least Barça won yesterday against Paris St. Germain, and although my darling Leo Messi didn't score, we're through to the next round! That's it for today! I'm also working on two short stories. One for the Need Diverse Books short story contest in honor of Walter Dean Myers, and another for the Bath Short Story Award. They're both due April 27th. Are you entering?
THE PURSE!!! Isn't it gorgeous? 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Scenes and Early Readers

My kids' second Spring break is over and I'm in full production mode for Packet 4 and my free lance project in a non-fiction project. I've been toying with chapter books and early readers these past few days, and I've been trying to read as many chapter books as possible. I'm shocked (not really. Maybe a little) by the lack of diversity in early readers and chapter books. I only found KEENA FORD, by Melissa Thompson and RUBY AND THE BOOKER BOYS, by Derrick Barnes, and DYAMONDE DANIEL, by Nikki Grimes. I found SOFIA MARTINEZ, but I haven't received it yet, and I'm anxiously waiting to read it with my daughter who's in second grade and loves chapter books. More than ever, We Need Diverse Books in which every child may see herself.

I've also been studying on scene, and one of my VCFA friends recommended THE SCENE BOOK, by Sandra Scofield. It's a treasure trove of advice that's keeping me up at night thinking about my WIP. I've also been up reading Nation, by Terry Prachett and because of some wonderful news I can't wait to share with everyone.

Books. Wonderful books. I love to see them, talk about them, touch them, arrange them in shelves and find them under my kids' pillows every morning when I make their beds :-)

What books are you reading?

Monday, April 06, 2015

He Lives and Here We Go Again

Last time I updated the blog, I went ahead and purchased the domain with my name. Blogger makes the transition super easy and painless, so now I (and this blog) can be found by going to www.yamilesmendez.com. Pretty sweet, huh? I had a wonderful weekend with my family. Although the brunt of the cooking and the Easter preparations fall on me, my writing was relegated to the bottom of my priorities, but I still got some done. If anything, I've been journaling/brainstorming/free-writing every day, which keeps the writing muscles warm, both in my typing fingers and my mind. Every time I hit a creativity block, it's because I have simply not shown up at the page.

I want to link up to some wonderful websites that have helped me tremendously lately. This wonderful blog by Emma Darwin, This Itch of Writing, has the most life-changing advice I've ever read on point of view and psychic distance. I learn of it from my wonderful advisor, Mary Quattlebaum whose help is making me a better writer than I ever thought possible. I also started subscribing to The Skimm, a daily newsletter that gives me the latest news before I start my day. It's April, and that means 30 Days, 30 Stories is in full swing. At least, it should be. In the past a different author published a short children's story, poem, etc, on the blog. This year, there aren't enough tributes, er, volunteers, so the blog has been sadly quit the whole weekend. If you want to participate, please contact Bruce and he'll assign you a day or work things out with you. You don't need to be a writer, or a children's writer to share. It's fun, stress free, and a great way to connect with other people. This is one of my favorite events of the year.

Last of all, I'm energized about Easter Sunday. I miss Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas in glorious, beautiful summer. But Easter in the North, with Spring's promise of re-birth and second chances and life, can't be beat. I know that Jesus lives, and I love him, and I'm grateful for another week, another Monday to fight for my goals. And if you need an excuse to smile this Monday morning, here's a little gift. Go ahead and be different!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

New Visions Award Finalist and the second half of the semester

At 2 in the morning I clicked send, and Packet 3 of 5 was out of my hands. Unbelievably, this was my easiest packet although I had only three weeks to work on it, instead of four. Maybe it was so because I've been reading ahead. I remember that when I first found out the packet requirements, I was most nervous about the reading. Ten to Fifteen books per packet! How was I ever going to read so much. But when I was halfway through packet 1, I realized I had passed the required amount of books, and I could add the extra ones to my next packet. The reading became problematic when I realized I'd rather read and mark up books all day long thank work on my writing. Now I'm forcing myself to read slower and with more attention. Right now I'm reading Sorrow's Knot by Eric Bow, and I'm blown away by its beauty and richness!   

Packet 3 is sent, but I'm deep into drafting, getting ready for Packet 4. Even if my advisor assigns me something different from what I'm working on, I like to keep the momentum, my writing muscles warm and alert. So even though it's snowing here for the fourth time this year, in my mind I'll be in beautiful Puerto Rico as I device more trouble for my main character.

As the post title suggests, I am a finalist in Lee and Low's New Visions Award with my middle grade ON THESE MAGIC SHORES. I loved working on that manuscript, and although all I can do now is wait for the announcement, my fingers are itching for a chance to go back to it and revise it. 
Here's Lee and Low's official announcement. I'm so honored to be among such a group of talented and hard working women! I can't wait until each of these books is published! 

And last but not least in this update, I wanted to share that I have received my first check for freelance writing! It's a modest amount, but it means the world to me. It means someone liked my three stories so much they were willing to pay for them, and guess what? They're getting illustrated! I haven't cashed it yet because I love looking at it and the encouragement letters I got from three dear friends. They remind me I can do this, I'm not alone, and all the work is worth it!


Friday, January 16, 2015


I'm exhausted tonight, but I'll just post a picture of the day. It's so cold! I'm grateful I brought an electric blanket. Best purchase ever. 

Rolling up my sleeves

Today I met with my advisor, the amazing Mary Quattlebaum and we went over my study plan for the semester. It feels so surreal to be in the program! Today my workshop critiqued my piece, and I was so encouraged by the wonderful comments and advice. What a wonderful residency this has been so far. We're half way through, and I feel like this is Hogwarts and that I've been given a wonderful gift just by being allowed to be here. 

Today my word is "inspired," especially after listening to Katherine Paterson who received an honorary doctorate from VCFA. She's exactly who I want to be when I grow up as a writer, not because I write the same stuff she writes, not even similar, but because she's always approached writing for children with respect and devotion for children, our target audience. Today I'm INSPIRED!


Today Suma and I walked to town in -17 weather to eat some pizza. The food was worth the trek. We also found out who our advisors for this semester are. Best Chritmas Eve-like feeling ever. Here's a picture of the teachers looking down as the students celebrated out assignments. I'm going to be working with Mary Quattlebaum and in beyond excited. 

Villains, the Himalayas and letting go

Today I had the privilege of attending a lecture about the writer's journey by the amazing Uma Krishnaswami. I will keep her words in plain sight to remind myself that this writing business (not the industry but the craft of writing and telling stories) is a journey with many challenges and also rewards. 
We also has a costume party with a Villains theme. I didn't bring a costume but I wore a mask I made a couple of nights ago during the 1st and 2nd semester gathering. 
Today I learned to let go of some things. My children miss me. They miss me more than I miss them to be honest. I'm having fun. I'm constantly busy. I'm meeting new friends. But they have a long weekend and they're home wishing we were doing something fun. Luckily my sister-in-law took them all in for a sleep over. If I were closer to home, tonight I would have (reluctantly) packed my bags and gone back to them. But I can't do that. So I'm working as hard as I can, taking advantage of as many lectures and classes as possible to make this time away from them worth it. If I take this time now, I'll hopefully go home a better mother and wife. I know I'll be a better writer. 
Group picture! We have three girls missing and the men from our group. 

A chilly -29 tonight in Vermont. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Speed dating and the reckoning

Before I left for Vermont, baby Hulk was sick for weeks and weeks. Nothing serious (except a scary bout of bronchitis and two series of antibiotics for ear infections), but it was still wrecking and heartbreaking to see him struggle for so many days. I stayed healthy through it all, thankfully. Of course my time of reckoning came the day I was headed to my first residency. I used my essential oils and all the over-the-counter medicine I could think of to keep the beast at bay, but today laringitis caught up with me. Not being able to talk hasn't stopped me from talking, which hasn't been helping me recover as fast as I've wanted. So tonight, I opted to take a break and stay in my room to rest and give my body the chance to heal. I didn't want to miss the faculty or class readings at night, but I don't want to miss any lectures or workshops tomorrow or the day after either, so I chose to rest. It's been good. Sometimes it's good to disconnect from everyone and rest the body and mind.

Of course once my roommate came in for the night we stayed talking until super late, but that's part of the experience, right?

The two lectures today by An Na and Martine Leavitt were amazing and energizing. I can't wait to implement heir advise! 

Tonight I'm posting a picture of my lovely roommate (with her permission, of course). 

PS: I had just found out Messi didn't win the Ballon D'or so I wasn't the happiest duck in the pond. I'm a little better now. Did you now the last time Messi wasn't a top three finalist he was still in his teens?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My idol

Today was the second day of the residency and the first day of workshops. The morning started in the best way, with a sacrament meeting that the missionaries and the Montpelier bishopric prepared for the LDS students. I got to partake of the sacrament and share my testimony. The member of the bishopric made a comment as to how we each acquire a testimony in a way we understand. I see this in my life, how my love for books brought me to the Book of Mormon and the gospel. How I attended BYU and now I'm here at VCFA. This is nothing short of a miracle and I'm so thankful for this experience. What a tender mercy to carve out time out of our busy schedule for the peace and comfort of the sacrament.

The workshop was spectacular! But my favorite time of the day was listening to Katherine Paterson (first row!) and feasting in her wonderful words. Among many things, she mentioned that we heal through writing, as writers and readers.  what a privilege! The lectures by Cynthia Leitich-Smith and Kekla Magoon were also firework worthy. 

I'm staring to get tired of cafeteria food. I'm hungry for some hearty Italian. Maybe tomorrow I'll venture to town. 

Here's a picture of me and my idol. When I grow up, I want to he just like her

Saturday, January 10, 2015

First day of school!

Today was the first official day of school. We had orientation after orientation, and after so much orienting I think I know how things work--or better yet, I know who to ask when I don't know the answer, or even the question.

The cafeteria food has been surprisingly good, and I've been carrying my thermos with hot tea all over because it's so bitterly cold I felt my mind shutting down a few times. Luckily the dorms, although Spartan, are very comfortable. Maybe what makes it so comfortable and enjoyable is the companionship of my wonderful roommate, a woman I'm in awe of and whom I hope to introduce soon.

I also attended my first lecture, which was amazing.
Day one down. Tomorrow we start with workshops, and I can't wait to meet my workshop partners!

Note to self for next winter: bring the heaviest, warmest, most comfortable winter boots and leave the fancy ones at home.

Friday, January 09, 2015

First day of first semester at VCFA

Today I flew by myself for the first time in years. In fact, the very last time I was on an airplane without Jeff or the kids was when I was still at BYU. So today on the flight I read and slept.

Vermont was colder than Utah, but I was expecting it to be even colder, so I wasn't surprised. I had already made arrangements for a shuttle to take me to Montpelier, and while I waited, I had a wonderful conversation with the gentleman at the airport's info counter. He told me of his days traveling the world as a delta employee, his love of horses, and pretty Spanish flamenco dancers. He's of Irish-Scottish ascent, so he was way excited when he mentioned Irish dancing and I knew exactly what I was talking about. 

The trip to campus was super pleasant as the Bosnian driver pointed out the price of gasoline at the different stations we passed. 

I made it to campus and received my welcome package, including meal card and room key. My lovely roommate was already in the room. After dinner we had the new student orientation and I found out there are at least three other people from Utah. 

After some time pouring over all the welcome paperwork, going over my assignments, and talking books with my roommate I'm ready to turn in because tomorrow the real deal begins. 

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here! It's a dream come true. And although the rooms are quite Spartan looking and the shower situation is more than interesting, I'm very excited for tomorrow. 

My desk, featuring my portable kettle for mate water:

My bed: featuring my pony sheets and my black bear to keep me company.