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Maximus, Gladiator
"Our creator would never have made such lovely days, and given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal."
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Catching Fire

Catching Fire (Hunger Games, #2) Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Welllllll... I'm furious at Suzanne Collins for writing such an amazing book, for the wonderful (!) characters, amazing conflict and story. I'm scared for #3 because she didn't give Gregor from "Gregor the Overlander" a good happy ending. I hope she takes pity on Katniss, Gale (Sigh!!!!!!) and Peeta (another Sighhhh!!!) and gives all of them a happy ending. I hate that I have to wait one whole year for the next book! I don't know how I'll be able to wait. Hopefully I'll be able to snatch an ARC from someone next year.
What an incredible writer! The best I've read all year!

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  1. My new goal is to nab an agent and a publishing deal before next year with the simple goal that if I'm officially an author, maybe I'll be able to get my hands on an ARC of the final book!

    Catching Fire was great!, but Hunger Games is still my favorite.

  2. I agree, Hunger Games was just unreal. And your plan, is my plan exactly. Getting a hold of the third book before it's released is the best motivation I have at the moment to get an agent and a deal by next year :-)


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