"What we do in this life, echoes in eternity."
Maximus, Gladiator
"Our creator would never have made such lovely days, and given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal."
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The third day of Christmas

I love the twelve days of Christmas. Even though the world counts the 12 days as the previous days to Christmas, in truth, the 12 days start on Christmas day, or the First Day of Christmas. Usually my days before the 25th are packed with activities, shopping, cooking, sending letters and packages... The list could go on forever, and it's no wonder by Christmas Eve I have to drag myself to get things done. In fact, Christmas Eve I woke up late, and without even having breakfast or lunch, I cooked all day, cleaned the house, attended a very sick 2 year-old and entertained family. After that, we drove to my mother's (for some reason she won't come to our house) to have the midnight toast with her and my father (who was already in bed, and didn't get up to say Merry Christmas). After we went back home, I still had to wrap presents! But in spite of the exhaustion, and the craziness, Jeff and I were SO excited, running around the house getting everything ready for Santa's visit, setting cookies that we later had to eat to simulate Santa's eating them, cleaning the playroom, so he could see we had kept good care of last year toys, kissing even the dogs good night, because Santa was coming! It's strange, being the parents we still get so excited about Santa Claus, talking bout him as if he were real, hiding the several letters the kids leave out for him. And I don't feel we are deceiving our children. Yes, we are the ones buying the presents and putting them under the tree, but the spirit of Santa, the spirit of giving, is so real, so present in our lives, that we get carried away, and for a night, we become children again. 
Today is the third day of Christmas, and formerly, in Christianity, the period from Christmas Day until the Epiphany (Three Kings) was considered a secret time, the most magical period of the year. Today I had a magical moment. We went to the movies, all except my little Chubbers, who stayed with our kind neighbors, and after I picked her up, and prepared her for bed, I settled down in the rocking chair. I asked her what she wanted, and she only patted my chest and gave me a mischievous look. I nursed her, with Enya singing her Winter songs in the background, highlighted by the soft sighs of my sleeping Cangri. I nursed my big baby, and then the dogs started barking. 
Jeff came running to the room saying excitedly, "There are deers in our front yard!!!!" and I looked out of the window and saw them, the silhouette of three magnificent deer, walking on the white street, illuminated by our Christmas lights and the moonlight. "They're Santa's deer!" Jeff said, and the children oohed and ahed and Swan asked me what they were doing. "They're hungry. They're looking for food," I said. Chubbers looked at me matter-of-factly and told the deer, in her hoarse sleepy little voice, "Wait! We have Lucky Charms!!!" 
We all laughed, and Jeff and the older kids went downstairs to play with their puppets, and I went back to the rocking chair, my baby who hummed "Oh Emmanuel" while she tried to nurse. And I felt peace, and contentment. Our king is born, and I felt his peace tonight.    

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still the One...

If ten years ago anyone had asked me where and what I would be today, I would have given many probable answers, including, happily married, with several kids, doing what I love the most. I realize now what a blessed person I am because each and every one of those answers are true. Last Friday Jeff and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. It was bitter cold, just like ten years ago, but now, instead of just being the two of us, there are four other little people (and two dogs) that make our lives full of happiness and love. We spent the evening watching our beautiful Swan Princess dance in The Nutcracker as a Cookie. She looked so small and young in that huge stage, but she did such a great job! Who knows! Maybe in ten years she will be Clara or the Sugar Plum Fairy... For now she's our precious little girl, all spunk and tenderness.
We spent a wonderful week, going to Boondocks for family night, visiting Santa's reindeer at Thanksgiving Point. We went to see "A Christmas Carol," and we had a blast.
The kids had parties at school, and piano recital, and they're growing way too fast! 
Our Chubbers turned two, and she had a ladybug themed birthday party. How much fun she had! 
School is over, piano lessons on hold, Nutcracker is done, so now we just have to wait for Christmas day to arrive, and I look around and I see that all the things I could ask for, I already have, and I am so grateful to Father for his love and blessings. 
The highlight of our year is almost here, and I could not imagine being happier. I have the most beautiful kids, the most loving husband who still makes me laugh and brings me flowers every week, I do what I love, I am a mother and I finally wrote my book. I imagine the next ten years and I am excited. Who knows what adventures await me... I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

El Cangri's Caveman talk

El Cangri will be four in February, but he still talks like a caveman. "Me play with mami," "Papa dance with I," Things like that. I don't worry about this because Gorgeous was a little slow talking too, and it was because of our family's speaking both English and Spanish. Now, listening to Gorgeous, you'd never imagine he had a problem at all; he's completely bilingual.
 El Cangri had a wart on his chest; it started as a tiny bump and then grew, and even had two little offspring warts around it. I put some clove oil on it, and miraculously, three weeks later, the unwelcome wart family, disappeared completely.
I told El Cangri to show his "nana" to Jeff, and he did proudly. When Jeff asked him where the wart went, El Cangri replied, "To the garbage house." He meant the garbage can. But we all knew what he wanted to say, and we all laughed, and for once, he wasn't embarrassed we were laughing at him, and he started jumping around and hooting with laughter chanting, "I'm a go-gorilla! I'm a go-gorilla!" I just keep adding these moments. One day they will be priceless when we retell them to the girlfriend he brings home. I'm already laughing.   

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas again!

Just a quick post to let you know that I have survived writing my book; real life claimed me again, and after the kids' birthdays, and Thanksgiving, and several other things, I haven't gotten around to posting anything. I did update my playlist, and I have my very favorite Christmas songs on it. Halloween and Thanksgiving are such wonderful holidays, but nothing compares to the Christmas season, all the way from the end of November to January 6th. Every year, I'm humbled by how blessed I am to have such a great family, healthy kids, a house, life. I just can't stop thanking our Lord for so many blessings. And when I think of Jesus during these weeks, it's always the Child-God that comes to my mind, all innocence and peace. I look at my kids, and they remind me constantly of Jesus, even though I could have a little more peace around here, especially before dinner time ;0)