"What we do in this life, echoes in eternity."
Maximus, Gladiator
"Our creator would never have made such lovely days, and given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal."
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School!

I can't believe Summer is almost over; Labor Day will officially mark its end on Monday, and I feel we're just starting! The children started school last week, a day before Swan's birthday. I took pictures of Swan and Gorgeous by our front door, as I've done every year since Gorgeous started preschool.

That Thursday Jeff arrived, I was cleaning the house, and I saw the charter school I've been trying to get the kids into for years had left a message. To us! What could they want?! Which one of the kids had a spot? Should I change them? Should I wait until both of them got a spot?
I called my mom, and I told her my dilemma. I REALLY wanted them in that school because of their outstanding language, art and music programs. I went on and on about the advantages of the kids moving to that school, and my mom asked, "How much is it?" And I replied, "It's free." My mom paused for a second and then asked, "Why are you still thinking about it?"
My real problem was that we love Swan's 1st grade teacher, the same one Gorgeous had last year. She is a grandmother, and prepares so well for her class! Her classroom is beautiful; she has a lot of books and makes name tags for the kids, and journals, and fabric bags for books, etc. She told me last year that she spends so much time (and money, often her own) and then parents change their kids to other classes, and it's all work that goes to nothing. When I told the kids about the new school, they were a little sad, but after I told them about Spanish, and Chinese, and Arabic (yes, you read that well. They teach Chinese and Arabic!!!!) and uniforms (Gorgeous is obviously my son; he was so excited about uniforms. I use to wear my uniform all day. I loved it!) they got more and more excited. On Monday they stayed home to enjoy Jeff's last day at home, and we went to the old school to say goodbye to their teachers and friends. Swan got a little emotional and she hugged her teacher extra tight. Even after only a week of school, my kids already loved their teachers. That's why when another school called 2 years ago, after Gorgeous had started kindergarten we didn't take the offer. He already loved his teacher. This second chance we got, I wasn't gonna waste it.
So Tuesday they went off to school for a first day again. I took pictures in their lovely uniforms, and I saw my brave, brave children walk hand in hand to meet new friends. That afternoon I heard several children bidding goodbye to my kids, and I saw with amazement that they had already found friends, even on the first day. In fact, that afternoon a mother called me to arrange a play date for Swan and her daughter because they're such good friends. The other mom and I laughed (with surprise? Envy that children can make new friends so easily?) when I told her that it had been Swan's first day.

Today was also El Cangri's first day of school ever. I took pictures too, and he was so happy to FINALLY go to school... until we arrived, then he wouldn't let me go! And today I had to go get the milk for our milk group!
Reluctantly he let go of my hand when I assured him I'd go back for him, and I left my baby there, with his nervous smile, pleading eyes trying to convey to me the fear he felt. I was so tempted to take him with me, and say we'd try another time! But I tried to be brave, and I left him.

Chubbers cried for 45 minutes straight as we drove to the dairy farm. She must have felt so lonely. Just she and I for the first time! I'm looking forward to some one-on-one time with my Chubbers!
I picked up my Cangri, who was wearing his backpack as it were a messenger bag like his siblings have. And almost before realizing it, it was time to pick up the older kids too (Friday is early day out. They're out at 12:00!). I love that my kids are growing, but they're growing too fast! My baby is almost 2 years old! I can't believe it!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Dragon Birthday Swan Princess!!!

Today we'll officially end Swan's birthday week; we'll even pretend the fireworks for the closing of the Chinese Olympics are in her honor. We kicked off the birthday celebrations on Tuesday. She wanted strawberry cupcakes for breakfast, so that morning we had those and yogurt; she even blew out candles! She opened presents (a bread oven from American girl, a playmobile doll house, clothes, and tons of books!), and then she went off to school.

That night, after her ballet lessons, my parents and my brother's family came over and we had an Argentinianized Chinese dinner of egg rolls and rice. For dessert we had an ice-cream cake that my mom gave her and she blew candles again.

Jeff came home on Thursday, and we celebrated his return (even if it's only for a few days), and I had to finish the preparations for the party. We gave out all of the 16 invitations, and I knew most of the kids would come. Only 3 little girls from school didn't make it, but she had plenty of friends from school and church, and plenty of cousins, for the first time ever she had cousins from sides of the family--my brother's kids and even my cousin's were here, joining Jeff's nephews and nieces whom my kids absolutely adore.

Swan wanted a dragon cake, and when she told me this I almost fainted. Thank goodness for familyfun.com though, they always save my day! The dragon turned out lovely, and I couldn't help showing it off. Every person who came had to see it! We also had some wonderful eggrolls and Chinese salad (thank you Costco!), fruits and candy from the piñata. The kids received fairy-tale and ninja rubber duckies, candy bracelets, fortune cookie, and the crafts we had made in the party: a fan for the girls, a dragon necklace for the boys, and paper lanterns for everyone. We had a wonderful day! Swan was ecstatic; she loved it! That was the greatest payment for me, seeing her smile, her glow as she danced her way through her special day. Notice her outfit-- I MADE THAT! That was my special project and I'm very happy about the way it turned out. Thanks to Catherine Newman for recommending the "Alabama Stitch Book." That book is priceless, and I already have many other project going round in my mind for these coming holidays.
I hope you enjoy the pics! And have I said how happy I am Argentina won gold in futbol, and bronze in basketball? In case I haven't I'll say it again: I'M SO HAPPY THEY BOYS DID IT AGAIN THIS YEAR!!!!! What an inspiration for Gorgeous as he practices futbol 3 time a week! I hope (what parent doesn't?) that one of my kids (why not all of them?) makes it to the Olympics. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I know, living through my kids, but "soñar no cuesta nada ..." (dreaming doesn't cost a thing. My favorite saying in Spanish).

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Golden Boys

They did it again; gold, shiny gold for Argentina. We started the day oh so sad because we lost against the USA in basketball, and because Manu Ginobili was hurt in the game. But we ended "a lo grande" celebrating quietly because the kids are sleeping.
Jeff's home; Argentina is gold once again. VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!! The referee was disgustingly horrible, 6 minutes of supplementary time! Unheard of! And Nigeria played very dirty; still the boys delivered.
Now 2 more years for South Africa!!!!! Can't wait! Viva la Albiceleste!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Argentina 3- Brazil 0

Before I post about my beautiful daughter, how she woke up and said, "I'm 6 years-old!", or how tall she walked to her classroom this morning, I'll celebrate with my fellow countrymen:
3 to nothing against Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Zabril" Swan Princess said. Ha! ha! With all due respect to Ronaldinho and friends, but my boys are freaking awesome!!!!!! Messi, el Kun Agüero, Riquelme, Mascherano ... all of them, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys made Argentina proud today, and today Argentina won the first gold in these games, in cycling! Love this picture!
What a day!!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Funny, funny Swan Princess

Me: "Princess, what do you want to do when you grow up?"
"I wanna be a vet, a subamariner, a traveler, a gymansticker, and a balleter. Oh! It's ballerina, isn't it?"

Never a dull moment with this little girl who tomorrow starts first grade and who's turning 6 years-old on Tuesday. Gorgeous is out of himself with excitement--he'll be in 2nd grade! Already! I can't help but be happy for them, even though I'll miss them every second of the day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Futbol, the wheel that turns my Argentine world

Last night I went to bed extra early, and made sure my two alarms were on for 5 o'clock. For those of you who know me, this might be a surprise. I'm a known night owl; in fact, I'm still recuperating from my all-nighter "Breaking Dawn" reading fest. But this morning I had some serious business to attend to: Argentina was playing Serbia. I know this is not self-explanatory for some. Argentina's what? Basketball, field hockey, tennis? Argentina to me means Soccer,
Futbol. I'm cheering for all of the other sports my country is representing this Olympic Games, but Futbol is the only one with the power to raise me from my precious sleep at 2:30 in the morning (like on Sunday), or at 5, like today. I wasn't always a futbol lover; actually, I used to hate the blasted thing.
You see, in a country tired of political, financial, social unrest, the only constant was Argentina's superiority in something. That's why we love Manu Ginobilli, why we idolized Gabriela Sabatinni (the tennis player), and made a god out of Diego (no need to explain here). These were people who showed the world that in spite of all the mess, there was greatness in Argentina. Oh, my family ate, lived, breathed futbol for as long as I can remember.
Growing up though, only boys played futbol, so my little sister and I were relegated to watching endless little kids' games, and then go home and watch more on TV. My parents used to spend all weekend at the futbol fields with my brothers. And boy did we resent that! By the time I was 12, I decided to stay home on the weekends, and my sister and I would pretend we were gymnasts, recreating the exercises learned at school, on a mattress we laid on the family room to muffle the sounds of our acrobatics from our neighbors downstairs.
I clearly remember the night I made the conscious choice to start liking futbol, since it seemed that was all we were going to watch on TV (even at the movies! They had a show called "Heroes" from World Cup '86. We saw it 3 times). River Plate of Buenos Aires was playing someone else, and I made myself pay attention to understand the rules. I learned the rules; I'm an expert. I don't play that well, but I can appreciate good futbol when I see it.
When I came to the US futbol became synonymous with home. So my few Argentine friends and I would get together to watch the games, no matter what time the boys played. For France '98 I was working at the Missionary Training Center cafeteria, and we had a TV in the break room. The South Americans, Africans and Europeans were glued to Telemundo, the only channel showing the games. The poor American kids just begged us for a break, to be able to watch Judge Judy. We didn't let them. After all, the cup is every 4 years. How can you even think about anything else?
The day Argentina was eliminated from France (against Holland) Jeff was watching the game with me. And we lost. My friends said it was my fault; I had broken the tradition of watching the games together, and I had called bad luck on the team. The positive thing was that my future husband became an Argentina fan. I seriously turn into someone else when I watch the white and blue play. Maybe Jeff liked that intensity, that craziness because a few months later we were married.
My best friend G lives 4 hours away from me, and we're from the same city, cheer for the same team (Rosario Central). We're both very quiet around strangers, soft spoken. But when we watch the games, we scream, jump, call names (shame on me!). Our kids look at us with wide eyes while with each goal we run to the phone to call each other and celebrate together in the distance.
We're far from home, but we're not alone. Scattered all over the globe, there are others like us: watching the game online, checking the newspaper every 5 seconds for an update, chanting the songs that we must carry in our genes; we've always known them.
I have my internal issues with my country. It makes me so mad that over the years the news are old, always the same. But when people ask me "If the USA plays Argentina, who do you go for?" I just look at them. What can of question is that? I don't even think about it, Argentina, 100%. I feel futbol is one of the only threads that link me to the place where I was born. I can speak in another language, write a lot more in it than in my own, I can eat other foods, listen to other music, vote in another country, have a new passport. But futbol for me has only two colors, sky blue and white. A field of 11 young long haired boys, chasing after a ball. Carrying the hopes of (how many are we now) 46 million Argentines who need a victory just to get through the next two years (remember, world cup in '10).
Gorgeous Boy woke up this morning and said, "I've never watched a full game, you know." It's different for him. No threads to keep intact.

Friday, August 08, 2008


I just couldn't help it--I had to post on this, the luckiest of days, at least according to the Chinese. My day didn't start very lucky. El Cangri threw up last night, and today he had diarrhea. Yes, the nasty stomach bug. I'm crossing my fingers and wishing that no one else in the family gets it. I don't know what else to do with this little guy. He won't take any supplements or medicines. The only things he sometimes agrees to take are Vitamin C tables and colostrum tablets. Of course, it helps that they taste so good. I'm sure he thinks they're candy. One thing I can't complain about though, his skin. For once, El Cangri's skin looks and feels fabulous. Gone are the unnatural red cheeks, the scaly arms, the itchy legs. It seems Heavenly Father has really answered my prayers. When El Cangri's skin was at its worst, one day I didn't know what else to do, and while I scrubbed the olive oil homemade lotion from the tub, I prayed that I would happily have the skin problems, if my baby would be spared. Like I said, my prayer was answered, and for three days now, I have had a rash that started on my left foot, and has spread all the way to my legs and arms. The itch is unbearable, like a burning stabbing sensation. And I had thought ICP was bad when I was pregnant! HA! At least with ICP I didn't have a rash. I've had this thing before, but never as bad, not even remotely close to what it is now. My foot and arms look like they're burned. And I'm sure that with all the friction from scratching, the skin is all burned by now--That's why it looks so bad. But I'm not complaining. Now I know what my baby felt for two years, and even though my temper is VERY short as a result of the itching and the lack of sleep, I'd rather be the one to have this. 
I probably made you itch just by reading this, and I apologize.
I scrubbed the house down today. I love it when it's clean, when it's finally done! Now I don't feel bad about reading all day or doing my big project for Swan's birthday (It's a surprise!).
The kids and I watched the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. I don't know the words to describe it: fantastic, spectacular, awesome, inspiring! I wanted to be there so bad!!! We cheered for all of our countries: USA, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and the other countries where we come from (directly or indirectly) Spain, Palestine, England, all the Spanish speaking countries, even Brazil. I know, our archenemies. But what would a World Cup or Olympic competition be without them? All the fun would be gone. 
I'm cheering real hard for my boys of the futbol (notice I didn't say soccer. No one else in the world calls it soccer. It's FUTBOL people!) and basketball teams. I'm recording on the DVR as many events as I can. I know I won't be able to watch a fraction of them, but I really want my kids to love the games as much as I do. I always want to be an athlete when I watch a competition. Maybe I'll live my dream through my kids ... 
I get very emotional when I watch events like this. I cry at the Pioneer parade, the 4th of July Stadium of Fire, and ceremonies like this. Of course, when you know the story of the US flag bearer Lopez Lomong, you'll know why I get emotional.  KSL did a preshow, and aired a story on this young man. Ever time I think about it, I cry. This is what I love about the USA, and what I tried to convey in my "Being an American" post. Where else on earth a former war refugee can go to another country, become an athlete, and go to the Olympic Games, AND be the flag bearer? I love this story. If young Lomong could alter his life story so dramatically, what can't we do? Nothing. We cannot not do nothing. We have no excuse but be amazing!
No Breaking Dawn quote of the day today, just a comment. I love the way Edward talks to Bella in this book. He always calls her "love" (hint Jeff :) 
Enjoy the Games!!!!!

PS: Chubbers is sick. I better go!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Summer Sales Rep. Wife

Leaving titles aside, it all comes down to being a Summer Sales Rep. Some people think that if you sell door to door, you don't have an education, are too lazy for a regular job, aren't mature enough for a "real" job, or can't keep a regular job. After being in this industry (as a wife, not a rep) for almost six years, I can attest that (most of) the guys who choose to sell door to door are anything but. Summer sales reps are usually very young, in their late teens or early twenties (we're the exception, in our early 30s); and since we work for a company based in Utah a lot of the guys are LDS, fresh from their missions. A lot of the guys are single, but many are also married. Some have children, and the minority, like us, have more than 2--four in our case. There are also amazing girls who do this tough job, and usually they do pretty well; I guess it's easier for the girls to get into people's homes. More trustworthy I think. These Summer Sales Reps work 6 days a week, 10 hours a day, longer hours on Saturdays and Holidays. When they're home (read apartment), they're usually sleeping, so exhausted from the heat and long hours, and the mental strain that it means to start all over again, everyday. If one day you have 6 sales, tomorrow you'll start with 0, so you have to work to gain your pay for the day. Even though this job is VERY hard, it also has its recompenses. Yes, the reps work all Summer, but during the rest of the year, they're home, going to school, doing other work, enjoying family. All this to say that only a very special kind of woman can put up with having a husband who's only available on Sundays and, more fully there, from September to April.
A couple of years ago, the other A company Jeff worked for, had an amazing banquet to celebrate the end of the Summer. The company had some very talented people, including a few kids who wrote this song for the call center girls who took the claim calls everyday (the call center employed guys too, but it was a love song between a call center girl and a sales rep.).

Everybody loved the song, but I feel some of the attendants that night, felt a little left out. The wives.
I just wanted to acknowledge the Summer Sales Reps. Wives, for their support and love. We don't have a song (hint for the guys), but I know our husbands wouldn't be able to do their job without our support.
Over the years I've met girls who were just married, moving across the country or to another country, being alone all day because the husband was working, and the girls lived with a smile on their face. Sometimes they would even go to the installations with their husbands so that they could spend a little time together.
Others just managed kids and family by themselves, knowing that their most important job was to make a home no matter where they were.
I've met wives who still stayed active in the transitory ward activities, at least to meet new friends. Some wives had packed a few possessions to take to the transitory home. Others just made do with what they could buy to use just for the Summer; cooking lasagna in a tiny pot even if took 4 hours just because the husband really needed some comfort food.
Some of my friends keep track of the husband's sales online, and they text him through out the day, encouraging him, helping him reach his goals. Others just die to be home, but stay through the Summer for him. They can't bear leaving their husbands alone.
Other girls are pregnant (many for the first time), and agree to be away from their support group at home, only to be a support for the husband who works so hard.
Others have to stay home, and try to manage house, repairs, children, school, church by themselves. Oh! Most of us have plenty of help, from our extended family, friends, and/or church. But still, it's hard to be the only parent for 4 or more months of the year.
All the girls I've talked to always express an appreciation for women who do this alone every single day of their lives, and still have to work.
When things get though, I think "At least he's not at war. He's working." And I say a prayer for those who husbands are at war or in dangerous situations.
I've learned so much from these amazing women, who being so young, are so resourceful, supportive, outgoing, strong. It must be the pioneer legacy a lot of us have from our church. That drive to keep going, to raise the children in the gospel, to support our husbands in their work, church callings, goals, and, many times, also frustration.
Still, not everything is bleak in the life of a Summer Sales Rep. Wife. I got to go to the most fun places for the Summer (like awesome, beautiful Puerto Rico), and other places that didn't sound like so much fun (like Springfield, Missouri), but I and my friends always found activities for us and the kids to do--even if that only meant going to the pool every day because we didn't have a car. I know my children were excited that we lived in a tiny apartment with only a few Playmobile toys we had taken. That meant less time cleaning and more time with them. Being away from home made me more outgoing. In a new place I didn't hesitate about asking other mothers in the playground about things to do, or places to visit. Being with my husband for only a few hours each day made me a better wife. I wanted him to come home to a clean place, with warm wholesome food, and a wife in a good mood. I tried my best not to make him feel guilty because sometimes we were bored, or missed home.
I miss my friends who stayed back with their husbands, and even though I'm glad to be home, I miss Jeff to pieces. I'm proud of him, for being such a good worker, such a good man, such a fighter.
Summer is almost over (at least the Summer sales season!), and the kids and I are getting the house ready for him. We can't wait to have him home, to spoil him, to just be able to sit outside by the creek, and drink maté while the kids jump in the trampoline.
The end of the Summer also means that my friends are coming home too, and I'm very excited about that. I've certainly grown to love them and respect them through the years, especially after this summer, that I've seen them in action, so to speak.
To every Summer Sales Rep. Wife out there, the best part of the year is starting soon. Hurray for Autumn! Now our loves we'll be home, at least until recruiting starts in ... December? If we're lucky they won't start recruiting until January, but oh well! at least we'll be in our own homes, and not as nomads all over the country.

Breaking Dawn Update:
Well I'm re-reading Breaking Dawn, and I like it a lot better this time because I'm trying to savor it slowly and pay attention to all the details. Try as I might, Jeff will never read "Twilight" or any of the books in the series, so I've decided to do my own quotes of the day, so at least he can get a glimpse of why I liked this saga so much.
So here's the first!
"It made no sense when he looked at me that way. Like I was the prize rather than the outrageously lucky winner."
Bella, talking about (of course) Edward.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Breaking Dawn Review

I really hope not to ruin any one's experience with Breaking Down. I'm going to try to be as fair to Stephenie Meyer as possible, and I'm going to try not to spoil it for anyone--as far as spoilers go.

I had taken the kids to the pool in the afternoon, and by the time we got back home at about 6:30, I was totally exhausted already. So were the kids. My wonderful neighbor B. was watching Gorgeous, El Cangri, and Chubbers, and I left towards Barnes and Noble with my friend A. and Swan. B&N was a zoo. There were die hard Twilighters all mixed up with Goth guys who just took the advantage to dress as vampires. The majority of the girls and women present had T-Shirts supporting mostly Edward. It was so much fun to see everyone having so much fun!
There even was a guy dressed up as Edward who looked eerily like Robert Pattison. Jacob was well represented too. Somebody had taken one of those wolf dogs, which wasn't as dark as my Jacob (the one I picture in my mind), but was pretty cool all the same. Some people had T-shirts about Jacob too, but those made me sad. They mostly said, "I Hate You Jacob Black! The store had a lot of activities (face painting, future telling, trivia, etc) but the lines were outrageously long. Swan and A. had a lemonade (B&N had run-out of the strawberry shake was Edward's signature drink of the night), and I grabbed a water. At 11:00 they had everyone vacate the store, and make the lines outside. We headed to Wal-Mart where even though they did have a line, it wasn't bad at all. They had everyone picking up the book at customer service, and then just pay at one of the registers. We were pretty close the the front of the line, number 50 I would say, and had to wait by the men's underwear section! How we all laughed about that! We had to wait less than 1 hour, and I got M&M's. I loved that part about waiting, talking about the other girls in line, like we were friends or something. Twilight united us I guess. Wal-Mart didn't have a huge party like B&N did, but they had free cupcakes, and also passed out BD buttons and stickers. I was thrilled with mine!
Midnight finally struck, and the lines moved very quickly. By 12:10 I had my book, plus a copy for Cristina, who was number 1 million over at B&N, and who arrived at WM a few minutes after 12:15 to get her book.
We arrived home, all excited and hyper, and luckily my 2 babies were asleep over at our neighbor's. They stayed asleep, and my two older lovies fell asleep right away. I read until 7 with a couple of interruptions. My emotions ranged from delight, to unbelief, to outrage, to relief, to I don't know what for the next hours. I finished the book, and I'm proud to report that I didn't flip to the last page. At the end I was delighted that there was a character with my nephew's name, Nahuel! How unlikely is it that his name would be recognized all over the world now! (It's pronounced Na-oo-EL). I was a little disappointed with the book, and I was trying to tell Gorgeous a little of how I felt. When I told him I hadn't like it, he asked, "What did you expect mom?", and that opened my eyes. Of course, how was Stephenie Meyer going to create a happy ending that everyone liked? It's impossible. Still, I feel the same as with HP 5, a little empty after waiting for so long! I think it was the name that put me off, Ranesmee, Come on Steph! I hated it, even more the nickname, Nessie, but oh well. The love story still as beautiful, even though I can't picture Edward as a 17 year old anymore, and Charlie's reaction? So out of everything! I didn't like that part.
But I'm happy about Jacob, even though I feel his imprinting with that person wasn't really necessary. Some people are shocked about it, but

in how many stories is the vampire in love with a descendant of his first love? Yes, a lot. And even though it wasn't the vampire to do this, it was still a mythical character who did it, right?

BD is total fiction, and it's about vampires. I think SM was very classy with the way she wrote about the honeymoon. Steamy and thought provoking (in every sense of the word) without turning into a too revealing thing. Edward's reaction after he gets his news is totally understandable. He loves Bella above anything and everything; it's obvious he'll want to protect her even from someone they also loved but who was hurting her.
The affair with the Volturi was handled well too. No unnecessary deaths.
The best part? How a lot of people started liking Jake more. What I don't like is what others are complaining about, "It's not fair Bella got everything she wanted!" Come on! Are you really so hateful? Who wouldn't want the heroin to have everything she wanted. If a fictional character can't, then who?

after all this analyzing I realized that I liked it more than I thought at first. I'm tired and my kids are being so horrible today! Talk about precocious babies! Mine knows she can get away with anything today, and boy is she taking advantage of that!

We missed the parade today, but we'll see the fireworks tonight, and I still have the baby shower. No, I just keep glancing the clock to decide when it's appropriate to have the kids take a nap so I can sleep too.

I can't wait for the girls to finish reading it so we can talk about it! Please hurry up, and if you want, share your thoughts about the book.
I want to read it slowly now, and really know what to think about it.

All the books

Men's underwear section

Dressed up as Edward. The guy looked better in person!

Jacob as a wolf

Swan as a monster. I think she was a little scared of the people with red eyes. Seriously!

My little buddy and me

My friend Adriana

Friday, August 01, 2008

My last one until I don't know when

The countdown ticker is showing only hours now, and I've decided to sign out of the internet so I'll stop staring at it. I'm taking the kids to the pool today, and before lunch I want to work on a little project that I'll comment about later, if it turns out OK.
I'm already worn out, even though we started the day late. We woke up at 9. But I stayed up with "Eclipse," which I'm no where near finishing before tonight. Good thing I had read it back in May, I still remember a lot. Especially the end ... sigh ... I hope Breaking Dawn will be just as wonderful.
Yesterday with the kids, we celebrated Harry Potter's birthday ultra special because Amazon announced "The Tales of Beadle the Bard" will be published in December.
This end of the year will be fantastic! Half-Blood Prince movie, Twilight the movie, and another Harry book right before Christmas! Yipee!
I hope all those of you going to a release party tonight will have fun, and if you don't and still read the book enjoy! And if you don't read the book, have a good weekend all the same!