"What we do in this life, echoes in eternity."
Maximus, Gladiator
"Our creator would never have made such lovely days, and given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal."
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Monday, March 31, 2008

My new toy

Guess what? I have a new, fun, stylish, sensational computer that Gorgeous Boricua got for me today. It's a MacBook Pro, and I don't remember having so much fun with a toy before. He's taking his laptop for work this summer, and I really "needed" a new computer, right? So today, we picked up Gorgeous Boy from school, and we saw "Horton Hears a Who." Not my favorite show, but the kids, except for Chubbers, loved it. I really like the quote, "Big or small, a person is a person." I even got a little teary when Horton said it, and the tiny whos chanted, "We are here! We are here!"After the theater we went to get my computer, and then we came all t
he way from SLC down to University Mall. We ate at P F Chang's, and I was pleasant
ly surprised to discover that after all, I like Chinese food, especially wantons! After that, we did some shopping, and came home. It was already 11 pm when El Cangri final
y felt asleep. 
I'm so happy I have this computer; and yes, it's a "tool of production."

And this a picture I took like 2 seconds ago with my computer!!!! how cool is that!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My dancing cooks

This morning we got up very late for church, maybe because outside it was winter again, and the snowie sky was too dark to wake us up. Even though we wouldn't make it for Sacrament Meeting, we still wanted to go for the rest of the classes, so we hurried up and arrived on time for Primary's Sharing Time. Gorgeous Boy was assigned to read the scripture (3 Nephi 12:8), and Princess Swan was assigned to share a talent--she played "London Bridge" on our little lap harp. She was so nervous and, when it was finally over, pleased with herself, that she told me, "I'm sweating mama!"
My Chubbers is very much the social butterfly. Between Jeff and our wonderful neighbor/friend, they watch her when I'm at Young Women's, and they tell me that she walked all over the classroom saying "Hi" to everyone, and making sure people were awake for the class. She was so beautiful today with her ivory drees and snow-white shoes. Jeff said he loved the dress, and he asked if it was new. I replied, "That's her Christmas dress, observant father." Typical man...
After church we're all starving, so I came home ready to make some quesadillas. I had some leftover pizza for last night, that I was saving for myself...I just got this wonderful pizza stone, and I made the most delicious pizza. Everyone loved it, even a guy form Jeff's group that's going to sell this summer and stayed over last night. Well, going back to quesadillas, Gorgeous Boy wanted to help, so I showed him how to make the quesadillas while I put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher. Of course, Swan Princess got all offended because "HE always gets to cook and help!!!!!" (I didn't hear her complain yesterday when HE was helping me clean the downstairs). So I let them, and they made the most wonderful and delicious quesadillas ever. I made a fruit smoothie, and we were all satisfied for our Sunday Nap.
Gorgeous Boricua, Swan Princess, Chubbers and I went to my bed, and we slept for 2 hours!!!!! Boricua slept a little longer, but boy were we tired! Gorgeous Boy and El Cangri took advantage of the situation and rrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn downstairs to play Mario Party on the wii--on a Sunday. When I finally got up, El Cangri had fallen asleep on the couch, and Gorgeous was doing a little dance because he had won all the games.
After our nap Swan Princess and I had a little "spa" time and I polished her toenails. She's not allowed to paint her finger nails because last year, right before our memorable trip to England and Scotland she scratched Gorgeous Boy's face. In all of the pictured he has this hideous red streak on his cheek, and we can still see the scar to this day. She understands this, so at school, on Market Day, with the points she had collected all year she bought a little manicure set. One of those with the buffer that makes your nails all shiny and pretty. After I had buffed her nails she said, "They kind of look like they're polished, don't they?" Yes, she's only five, Heaven help us!
It was time to eat again, and I had no idea what to make (I hadn't made a menu for this week). So I ate some cold pizza left over from lunch leftover, and I made waffles with breakfast potatoes and chocolate milk. Everyone was so happy, that I played "Gasolina" on my ipod, and my two cooks and the babies danced and danced, while Gorgeous Boricua and I laughed and laughed (my kids love to do impersonations of our elderly neighbor dancing reaggeton, and their very mature parents just laughed). They were so graceful and beautiful. Swan Princess with her little curls reminded me so much of my cousin Roxana (pretty face, curls, fiery temper and all!), and my beautiful son, so tall and grown up, so sweet and helpful. My two babies, all rolls and giggles, and my Jeff, throwing his head back with laughter. What more can I ask for?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!!!!!

We had the best Easter ever. The day was so beautiful and sunny; it seemed that nature was celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord. We had church at 9, and I had prepared blueberry muffins the night before. I knew that once the kids woke up and saw their little basket the Easter bunny had left, we would have to hurry up to be at church on time. We made it at 9, and both Gorgeous Boricua and I taught in Elder's Quorum and Young Women's respectively. Every Sunday I wish I could stay home, but once I'm at church, I just love it! We came home with a wonderful spirit, and I had to hurry to get things ready. I made rolls the night before and barbecue ribs. I also made a salad and potatoes, and my SIL and brother brought cake for dessert. We didn't get to eat the cake though because after all the food, and the chocolate, and the candy, we were sugared out. Just like last year we had our Egg Hunt at our wonderful neighbors' house. The children were so happy because of the weather and the candy, and they played so much, that by 8 o'clock everyone was fast asleep. Everyone except El Cangri, who collapsed right before dinner and took a loooooong nap. Today I took the day off and played all day outside with the kids. What a life!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Daughter

My Little Swan Princess is my friend, my treasure. I know parents are supposed to be parents and not friends with their children, but with her sometimes I feel she has an older soul than mine. It may be that because she has been talking ever since she was a tiny toddler, I feel she understands more than she really does, or she should. Yesterday I took lunch to school to Gorgeous Boy, and since it was almost time for her class to come out of Kindergarten, I waited for her. I saw her running, little red jacket flying in the wind, towards the school bus. She hadn't seen me, so I tried to engrave that image of her on my mind, and I honked the horn and she flicked her eyes in my direction. Her eyes opened wide in delight, and she ran to my arms. When I picked her up she cried, "Oh mami amiga, I missed you so much!", and she was actually crying with happiness and relief.

She is so tenacious as any 5 year old, and she works so hard; she's so brave. Gorgeous and she have been taking swimming lessons these last few days. She's actually "repeating" level 1 because when she took lessons two years ago, she was so skinny and tiny, she couldn't float. This year, however, she's doing wonderfully, not even afraid to put her head underwater. Every day after class she says, "mami, look," and she showed me everything she learned that day.

My daughter is so graceful and beautiful, like a fairy. Today I was watching her in her ballet class, holding her head high, and I felt so proud, silly Yamile. The other moms asked me her name, and I loved saying it, and tasting the sound of it, like a prayer, like a holy word. In fact, when I'm afraid I say my kids names like a mantra, protecting me from evil and fear.

I hope she'll still love me and like me when she grows up. That I don't turn into a nagging mother, judging her, pushing her away. My relationship with my own mother used to be very good, until I started making my own decisions, or maybe it was because I showed who I really was and saw who she really was. It's very sad, not having that "unconditional" love and support every child needs to grow up feeling loved, important, respected.

I hope my daughter knows that I love her not matter what, even if I make mistakes, or she makes mistakes. Today we were talking about being together forever as a family, and I explained to her that my job is to teach her about Heavenly Father, so that she will make good choices when she grows up. She always listens intently, really taking in each word I say. And I don't think she understands the meaning of the words I'm saying, but she can feel the importance they carry. I love hanging out with her. Last weekend my wonderful sister-in-law V. and niece M. invited us to see "Disney Princess on Ice", very first row tickets!!!!!!!!, and instead of watching the show, I kept looking at the little friend beside me. Have I said she's beautiful?, and her eyes were shiny with happiness and magic. Later on, I asked her, "who's your favorite Princess?" and she said it was "Mulan." Mine is Magali, my Swan Princess.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!

My kids and I just loooooove St Patrick's Day. This morning when I was taking Gorgeous Boy to school, he told me every holiday, he thought, "This one's my favorite holiday," until the next holiday came along. He had good reason to be happy, though. At school they had a project to build leprechaun's traps. Here's the one he and his dad made:

He also made a trap here at home too.

Swan Princess didn't really get into the St Paddy's mood, but she loved the tiny presents a leprechaun friend left them. We didn't succeed in trapping one, but he took all of our pennies and left us a trail of green sprinkles, some chocolates, M&M's and for Gorgeous and Princess he left a bag of clover seeds; El Cangri got a wooden penguin and Chubbers, some hair clips. All four of them got glass figurines: A frog, a butterfly, an elephant, and a hippo, respectively, of course.

They all look so cute in their green outfits! I'm going a little crazy actually because my two babies are going through "separation anxiety, and none of us sleep because if I as much as move, El Cangri has a meltdown and thinks I'm leaving him or something.
I love this holiday even though I don't have a drop of Irish blood in me, but I think my kids do, from my MIL's side, don't you Pat? I'm sure the hair color comes from somewhere in Ireland, no? If not, oh well, we'll just keep celebrating because it's so much fun. I found out today that Argentina has the fifth largest Irish community in the world.
So, I hope a little leprechaun visits you today like one visited our home. I love the magic he brought to us and the sparkle he put in my babies eyes.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Here are the pictures I talked about yesterday. For some reason, yesterday's post was jinxed, and blogger wouldn't let me attach the pics. Go figure...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Some fun pictures and some ranting about meddlesome goverment

I have a little, very cute digital camera that Jeff gave me last year. I love my Canon s20, but this little Olympus is very tiny, shock and water proof and takes awesome pictures--it also takes a lot of them; the little memory card can store 520 shots. Pretty cool for a tiny thing, ha! Well, the thing is that I wanted to make room for even more pictures, so I uploaded the ones in the camera to the computer, and I found some very beautiful glimpses from all the way from the summer to the holidays: our cruise, el Cangri with short hair, Coco newly groomed, the first day Chubbers "swam" at the sea...It was like finding pieces of my heart in that little camera, and I thought I'd share it with everybody. Of course, they might not mean the same to someone else as they do to me, but they're beautiful and I couldn't help it!

On another note, I'm horrorized by this current legislation session that's almost over. Horrible here in Utah, with that "lady who represents the people" and putting so many restrictions on the job our wonderful midwives do. So next time I have a baby, if I want to have a licensed midwife to attend to me, I better not have twins, or a breech baby, or ICP. For many who will read this, it may be common sense that midwives have to transfer to an OB-GYN for these kind of circumstances, but the sad reality is that in the majority of cases midwives are the only ones who still have the knowledge, training, and skills to attend a breech baby, or the birth of twins without running to the operating room and reaching out for a knife. Sadly, the majority of doctors don't know how to do natural birth that doesn't go according to the books. Sadly, my midwife fought hard two years ago to have those midwives who wanted to, be certified and be legal in Utah. Now, because of that triumph, the main opponent to the licensing, came up with all this rules to define "normal birth." I may not have another baby, but most likely I'll have at least one more. If I don't have another baby myself, I want my daughters to have the freedom to choose to have a homebirth if they want to in the future. It's the matter of being able to choose what's important here. One of my sisters in law had two elective C-sections, and will have another later this year; even though I don't agree with her on the nature of birth, I respect her and her choice to elect to have a C-section. But I also want my liberty to have a natural, unmedicated birth. And the worst part is that the US has a huge maternal and infant mortality rate, along with one of the highest rates of C-sections, and the lowest use of the midwife-model of care. Countries where women are educated and attended by midwives have way lower maternal and infant deaths (check mothering.com for references and a myriad of articles about this topic). My midwife was the only one to diagnose my ICP (intra-hepatic cholastesis of pregnancy), the Ob's thought I itched because of my imagination! With my midwife attended births I was informed and in charge at all times, I trusted those women because I KNEW they knew what they were doing.
So there it was, our country is less free this year because of that, and because parents in California can't homeschool their children if they don't have teaching credentials. I almost went into shock when I read those news. How dare they! But enough ranting! I'll need some mate, chocolate and "Twilight" (maybe not in that order) to be able to go to sleep tonight.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Are we almost there?

I can't believe February is over, this long February we had this year, and not only because of the extra day. It seems like my family was sick all month, with the only highlight being el Cangri's Indian Elephant birthday party. I feel very bad for having missed so many Young Women's meetings, church, ballet lessons, you name it. I wanted to be able able to function, without sleep or food or energy, but at the same time I didn't want to pass on the bugs to everyone I met. Miraculously, I managed to stay healthy thorughout the whole ordeal--and was I grateful for that!!!! But on the last day of the month, I came down with the dreaded stomach flu, and I lost 5 pounds on 2 days! I'm so happy to feel well now, even though I'm still so weak and tired!
But March is here, and the snow is almost melted in our yard. I can't wait for nice Spring days, to seat outside in the sun and drink mate while the children play! The only drawback is that when Spring comes, it will almost be time for Gorgeous Boricua to go away for the summer. I still don't know what we'll do, how we'll do, or for how long. I just know that the kids need to have fun and have a safe and secure home for the most fun part of the year, namely Summer, and that they also need their father; and not only the children, I do too.