"What we do in this life, echoes in eternity."
Maximus, Gladiator
"Our creator would never have made such lovely days, and given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal."
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Miracle

Spring has finally arrived! Boy have we enjoyed these last few days, in spite of the kids having pinkeye though... It could be an allergy to all the dandelion seeds, and pollen flying about. But anyway, we've been enjoying the warm weather. Julian has been a chef, a doctor and a movie director this last week. When he was a chef he invited friends over for toast. He even gave an invitation to our elderly neighbor. The days he was a doctor, he made charts for everyone in the family, stating name and body part, including the cutest drawings you've ever seen. I tried very hard not to laugh out loud when he said my arms needed improvement--I have too many moles (they're only three very tiny ones). My feet also need a pedicure real bad, he said.
Jeff didn't pass the mole inspection either, hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
Saturday was a very challenging day for us. We started on a happy note; he scored twice in his soccer game, and when he came back home he took Coco out for a walk. Then he and Isabella cleaned the garage, and they tied Coco's leash to the garage door so that he wouldn't run away... Isa went back home for lunch, and Juli wanted the garage to dry, so he opened the garage door, and maybe you can guess what happened next...I ran when I heard him screaming, but when Jeff and I got to him, Coco was gone. oh my gosh! That little boy cried so much, that both Jeff and I were both crying with him. Coco's little body limp in Jeff's hands. The door had stopped halfway up because of the tangled up leash, so I jumped and I pulled it down. Jeff told me to take Julian inside. He kept calling, "Coco, oh Coconut! You're my favorite friend!" All of a sudden I heard Jeff' calling my name, and when I went out into the garage he asked me call the vet; and I saw the miracle. Coco was back! he was alive! He was so weak he could hardly move, but when he saw Julian he went to him and lay down on his feet. Our sweet crazy Coco. We took him to the vet, and miraculously he was alright, crazy as ever.
Everytime we thought about it though, Juli and I would cry. We just thanked Heavenly Father ove and over. After all, it was a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two weeks later

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last posted. Julian has been a sweetie these last few days. Last Saturday we went to Rodizio's, Magali's favorite restaurant, and on the way out, Juli grabbed a handful of the complimentary mints they have. The next day, he had set up a little shop on the kitchen counter, with a glassful of mints, and a note that said, "10 cents." Jeff and I just cracked up laughing. Such an entrepreneur! So he's been perfecting his little restaurant, with menus and all. Last Saturday he had 3 customers come for bread and dulce de leche; his little friend from soccer, and our next door neighbors. He even makes smiley face toast! He was very excited because his friend said he'll open a restaurant too. He told me, "Mama, I have him the idea." No fear of competition that boy... He loves to cook; I guess he got uncle Ralph's and yaya's cooking genes. He says he'll have a restaurant for people with food allergies, like Joaquin, because it's such a pain to eat out with him.
Magali is in love with our other neighbors, a very elderly couple. They've been very sick lately, and they are both in wheelchairs or walkers. But Maga loves them, so today she gave them one of the restaurant's menus, in case they want to come over. Oh my! I hope they understand it's a game, otherwise, we'll have people over for dinner every day. Julian even wants to invite his whole class, and he wants to do the cooking himself.
Last weekend we got our playset, but it's been raining so much the kids have barely been out enjoying it. They have a little house and a tower, so they want to live out there! Joaquin is truly Jeff's clon. He loves to be outside, and he's so strong, it's a very hard to bring him back in when he doesn't want to, so we have to bribe him--with fruit snacks mostly.
Areli is my sweet, sweet perfect angel. She's so chubby her diapers don't fit anymore--Joaquin wears the same size, and he's a chunky boy too! But she's all rolls and smiles. I'll post a picture of her legs as soon as I get my computer back. She wants to sit up all day, but she still falls forward. But she's very strong, and I'm sure she'll be sitting in the next few weeks. I'm chronically tired; it's a permanent condition. If I'm up all night it's understandable, but when I do get to sleep I guess my body just wants to catch up. And it's not even because Areli keeps me up, or even Joaquin. I think it's just the routine of doing every day the same thing! I'm always doing the same! Laundry, cooking, cleaning ... and I even have cleaners coming twice a week. I hope that once the warm weather comes it'll be better. Jeff's doing very well with his work out. He's lost a lot of weight. He looks great! Well, I have to turn in. It's past midnight already.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's still so cold!

The weather is still a little wintery for April. We're getting our playset next week and we're ready to use it as soon as we get it! Jeff and I are way more excited than the kids are. Today we picked the details for the basement; the paint colors, carpet, tile, wood, etc. We'll have the two boys downstairs, and we'll keep the girls on the main level. We'll have a playroom, a school ...

I added a link for Holly's blog. She's a midwife who is in Africa right now adopting three baby girls. Check it out. Her story is truly inspiring. Our children pray every day and night for the midwives in Africa, and also for the children who suffer so much for lacking the things we take for granted--a loving family, security, health, a home, food.

Julian and Magali are so sensitive! Juli asked today when he was going to see his guardian angel, that he could hear him in his mind. I told him that was the Holy Ghost, guiding him to do right. Isabella gave Magali a little stuffed pig, and she has been treating it like a baby!!!! She named him Wilbur Princess (of course), and sung it a lullaby to go to sleep. We've been practicing "Mary's Mantle" at bedtime, and Joaquin has been sleeping better. I sure think that the song singing and scripture reading at night help them relax and invite "their angel to come guide them through the sleepy starry land" (just like the lullaby says).

Coco had another class today, and he's improving by leaps and bounds. Luckily one day he'll stop running away. Areli is losing all her hair! She still has a lot in the front, but the back of her head is almost bold. Talking about Areli, yesterday a mom from Juli's soccer team called to cancel the practice because it was so cold, and she asked for my baby's name. She said that her sister-in-law was from Mexico and she was Areli as well. I told her I have a good friend whose sister's name is Areli. We started exchanging info and it turned out we were talking about the same person! Aline's sister! What a small world! And that same morning Aline had call me all the way from the United Arab Emirates!

Well I'm going to go. Are woke up. Every time I get ready to post someone wakes up or gets sick or something. Maybe I'll get another post this week.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I really have to hurry

My battery is about to die, but I had to post. The tooth fairy came again, this time when we were at Bear Lake, at Ralph's cabin. We had a blast; swimming, four-wheeling, playing with cousins, Maga and cousin getting matching hairdo and...lip gloss! How fun.
Joaquin is doing better. I added flaxseed oil to our morning routine, on top of cod liver oil, and his eczema looks a lot better. My chanchita is lovely, all rolls and smiles. I love my kids, how precious they are. Jeff is very excited about our basement being finished this summer, and working in the yard.
General Conference was amazing. How blessed we are!
I know this is a crazy post, but that's how I'm feeling tonight. It must be the wind ...