"What we do in this life, echoes in eternity."
Maximus, Gladiator
"Our creator would never have made such lovely days, and given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal."
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

5 more days without Juli

Jeff and Julian are on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera. How I wish I could have gone!!! But with just a couple of weeks before "Sadie" is born, it wasn't such a good idea for me to go. I'm sure they'll have sooooooo much fun! On Saturday night, when we were packing (last minute, of course) Juli asked for some "monies" so he could bring a present for me, Joaquin, Magali, Yaya, Tata and for himself. He was taking all of his money already: a Spidermanful of pennies ...
Well, I had a call from the doctor's office today, and my liver enzymes and bile acids are elevated, and I already knew, since the itching at night is now unbearable. I have intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), so my midwife told me we'll be inducing for sure on Thanksgiving weekend. Only two weeks away!!!!!!!!
I'm just excited to finally meet my baby, but I'm not looking forward to more sleepless nights. What will I do with Joaquin?!
I'll post a couple of Halloween pictures of my babies. Five more days until Jeff and Juli come back! I'm counting the minutes!

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